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The Last Trapper (Full Movie)
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The Last Trapper (Full Movie)

The Self Reliance Project
Runtime: 1:37:8
Published on Oct 11, 2015
The art of living in harmony with nature. Originally titled "Le dernier trappeur". Nicolas Vanier (born 5 May 1962) is a French adventurist, writer and director of this documentary.

A trapper and his wife brave the harsh Yukon climate, trecherous landscape and dangerous wildlife in an attempt to live a life of solitude.

For over 20 years, Nicolas Vanier, an untiring voyager in the coldest of climes, a veritable Jack London of modern times, has criss-crossed the wildest regions of the far northern lands. His travels include major expeditions in Siberia, Lapland, Alaska and of course Canada, where he recently undertook an incredible White Odyssey: 8600 kilometers covered with a team of sledge dogs, from Alaska all the way to Quebec.